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Weekend Shipping Options Available To You

A firm or agency with time-sensitive documents. A lab with a bottleneck in their workflow, working seven days a week. A medical device company, shipping for a Monday morning surgery. More and more, we see a demand for high-priority weekend shipping. With limitations in FedEx and UPS weekend service, it’s key to understand your options. If you need time-sensitive weekend shipping, here’s what you need to know.

For less-time-sensitive packages

FedEx and UPS deliver and pickup on weekends, but there are limitations to service. Carriers don’t deliver to all areas on weekends — typically only areas of greater density — and they charge increased weekend-specific fees. One thing to note: FedEx and UPS have limited pick up times on Saturdays. Check beforehand and make sure you can make those times — don’t defeat the purpose of all that work!

If you’re shipping eCommerce or other shipments that aren’t super time-sensitive, carriers’ Saturday options may be sufficient. For those with higher-priority, time-sensitive needs, let’s look at same day options.

Same day, within driving distance

Is your package’s destination within driving distance? Go with a same-day courier — often the most efficient, reliable option for shipments within a reasonable proximity. Couriers are fast, and able to work with very specific instructions, like waiting for a document to be signed, or going to a specific floor and/or department of a hospital. Mercury has a nationwide network of same-day couriers, ready to drive to local destinations, and also ready to facilitate the next option, next flight out (NFO) shipments.

Same day, outside of driving range

While shipping traffic slows on the weekend, passenger airlines see their highest volume. Next flight out (NFO) shipments take advantage of the never ending flow of passenger flights, enabling you to ship a package anywhere in the country — same-day. 

How NFO shipping works: First, a courier will come to the shipment's location and pick it up. Then, the courier tenders the shipment to the passenger airline with the next flight out to the destination, on a passenger flight along with checked baggage. At the destination airport, another courier will secure the package and deliver directly to the final destination. To follow TSA rules, NFO shipments have to come from a business that is a known shipper with the TSA. When Mercury onboards a new customer, we register them into the TSA known shipper system. 

NFO shipping can be a complex process. Mercury's team manages every aspect of the planning and execution, as well as proactively tracking high-priority weekend shipments. To learn more about Mercury's same day shipping options, contact our team and we'll be in touch shortly.


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